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"I've always had a hard time winding down at the end of the day and transitioning into sleep mode. This calmed my mind and I noticed I had less disturbed, more continuous sleep."

Enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience when you visit Indian Run Falls. This destination was once the home of the Wyandot tribe so this attraction not only boasts scenery but history.

For an evening of entertainment in the heart of the city, the Palace Theater is a great place to be. Located at the bottom of the historic LeVeque-Lincoln Tower, this restored palace is a divine, stunning attraction you will love experiencing firsthand.

Well known for being home of the local Columbus Clippers, Huntingpark is an integral part of the city and culture. Head down to watch an epic game with this beloved Ohio team and enjoy the day at this incredible park.

Try to sleep on your side. Most forms of obstructive sleep apnea are milder when you sleep on your side.

Thinking about making a move to the East Coast? You're in for a treat! From bustling cities to quiet seaside towns, there's a spot for everyone. Whether you're dreaming of fresh seafood by the ocean or a fast-paced city vibe, we've got you covered.

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This enlarges the space behind the tongue and soft palate, making obstruction less likely. Surgical opening in the neck, known as a tracheostomy. You may need this form of surgery if other treatments have failed and you have life-threatening obstructive sleep apnea.

The physical exam involves an examination of the back of your throat, mouth and nose. Your neck and waist circumference may be measured. Your blood pressure also may be checked.

Spend the afternoon outdoors at the beautiful Hayden Falls Park. If you're looking for that simple dose of nature that provides you with a serene read more vibe, this park is the place to go. Though small, you are surrounded by beautiful rocks and trees that will give you that peaceful nature time you need.

North Carolina's got a charm that's hard to beat, especially if you're looking to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. From the cozy mountains to the sunny beaches, there's a spot for every retiree to call home.

Remember those nights flipping pillows to find the cold side? Now, you're out cold before you even think about it.

Looking for the perfect spot in North Carolina to plant your family roots? You're in luck! This state's got a little something for everyone, from bustling cities to quiet, leafy suburbs.

With a historic appeal that takes a trip down memory lane, you can visit a telegraph office, grocer and more from the early 1960's. This interactive museum is sure to be a hit for the science buff and families alike. All ages will get something out of this trip!

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